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Movies in a Minute: ‘Durant’s Never Closes’

Most of the people who have lived in or been to Phoenix know the name Durant’s.

The popular steakhouse and restaurant has been serving food up for decades in the Phoenix area and has a storied past. So much so that a filmmaker decided to make a movie about the man behind the porterhouses, Jack Durant.

“Durant’s Never Closes” focuses on Durant and his restaurant’s famous clientele, which ranged from movie stars to gangsters. But keep this in mind: This is a Hollywood movie, not a documentary.

I wanted so badly to like this film. After all, I’ve been to Durant’s many a time and wanted to learn more about the place.

This isn’t the movie for that.

It jumps around a lot and doesn’t really seem to explain much of anything. It’s also really hard to understand at times.

I’m just glad the steaks are better — way better — than the movie.

Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes

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