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Phoenix Police chopper pilot is over the moon about her job

PHOENIX — Arizona’s only female police pilot said there’s nothing like chasing bad guys from above.

Corynn Wittrock of the Phoenix Police Department is among just a handful of women flying police aircraft in the United States.

Police helicopters are up in the air almost constantly in the Valley. Wittrock has been patrolling the city by air for the past five years.

The tactical flight officer knew this what she wanted to do since she was just a girl.

“This is it. Some people want to be astronauts or something else. This was my thing,” Wittrock said. “Not sure why more women don’t become police pilots.”

Flying is serious business for Wittrock.

“What we do is dangerous. High risk and high reward,” Wittrock said. “These police helicopters are invaluable. A lot of times we’re the only reason someone was caught for a crime.

“Sometimes patrol officers are by themselves and we’ll fly overhead and stop a suspect from trying to get an advantage of the one on one situation.”