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Air Sex World Championships returning to Phoenix

LISTEN: Air Sex World Championships returning to Phoenix

PHOENIX — The Valley’s best air guitarists might want to try their hand at another simulated activity.

Fictional ax players might want to test out the “Air Sex World Championship” slated for next month at downtown Phoenix’s Filmbar, said Film Programmer Andrea Beesley.

“It’s one of the most humiliating things I’ve ever done,” she said. “Basically you get to choose your own music piece and you just have to simulate a sexual act with an imaginary partner.”

Contestants get two minutes to strut their stuff onstage in front of crowds and judges to see who has the best moves.

“They’re looking for creativity, passion…they’re looking to see the crowd is responding,” Beesley said.

Even with the embarrassment, Beesley said there is no nudity and it’s all in good fun.

“It’s so much fun, I have competed both times,” she said.

The competition started as a joke by a group of comedians in Austin, Texas and has been on hiatus since coming to Phoenix in 2010 and 2011. Now the competition is back and the stakes are high as Beesley said Phoenix is looking to reclaim its pedigree on the world stage of “air sexing.”

“The winner from here will go on to compete in the championship final and they get like a wrestling belt,” she said. “In 2010, the girl who won, who then went on to become the world champ, she’s actually from Phoenix.”

Beesley said the competition is free to enter and registration is available online. Entry is $10 for spectators. Beesley said they’ve already sold a lot of tickets.

The competition takes place Tuesday, Aug. 5, at 7:30 p.m. and is for those 21 and over.