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Search on for suspect planting rebar in northern Arizona roads

PHOENIX — Coconino National Forest authorities want to find whoever is putting rebar in roadways near Flagstaff, Ariz.

“Over the weekend, there were about eight tires that were punctured and destroyed because of this rebar that was put up,” said Brady Smith, a forest official. “The rebar was purposely set there. The ends of these rebar were flattened and had been sharpened to a point to purposely puncture a tire, or harm someone or something as it walked or drove through.”

Smith said whoever did this may have been targeting ATVs and other off-highway vehicles.

“This is probably someone who doesn’t like OHV use in that area, and possibly lives in that area,” said Smith.

There were no injuries, but Smith said this could have been very dangerous.

“If somebody were to hit that on a motorcycle, or even walk or fall on it, it could cause some serious harm or even kill somebody,” Smith said.

Anyone with information on the rebar is asked to contact forest officials at 978-575-3511.