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Immigrant child busing to southern Arizona facility delayed

PHOENIX — Several busloads of Latin American children will not be dropped off at a southern Arizona facility on Tuesday, a congressman’s office said.

The office of Rep. Raul Grijalva confirmed reports the children would not be dropped off at Sycamore Canyon Academy in Oracle, Ariz.

The buses would have been met by about 100 protesters who do not want the facility used to house illegal immigrant children.

“We will turn the buses around. They will not get through us,” said protester Ron Thompson. “We are not willing to accept this. It’s an illegal act by the federal government — the Obama Administration to be specific. These are illegal people and they should be deported.”

Many of those who plan to demonstrate say they will risk arrest to make sure the government doesn’t succeed in dropping the children off in Oracle.

The protest was similar to that held in Murrieta, Calif., that forced several buses carrying immigrant children to be rerouted.

There was no immediate timetable for the children to be taken to the ranch. It is unknown if that is still the plan.