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Crews respond to 2 vehicles trapped in Phoenix floods

Emergency crews were called to two scenes Monday evening of vehicles stranded in rushing waters after monsoon storms moved through the Valley.

ABC15 reports the two trapped vehicles were just blocks away from each other near 12 Street and Hatcher Road in north Phoenix. One vehicle was trapped in the middle of an intersection, while the other got stuck near some trees.

One woman was rescued by three members of the Phoenix Fire Department from her dark-colored sedan. She gave the rescuers a hug after they got her on solid ground.

The victim, a female in her 50s, told rescue crews and media that the water was not that high when she started to cross the intersection. The woman told ABC15 that the water rushed in, trapping her vehicle, and instead of swimming to get away she stayed in her vehicle and called for help.

Phoenix Fire added that the stranded woman didn’t appear to be guilty of a “stupid motorist” infraction.

The storms hit parts of the Valley much harder than they did others, but the monsoon clouds seemed to move quickly over the region, as photos on Twitter quickly turned from showers and dark clouds to a those of a sublime sunset.