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Too much cuteness: GoPro video shows toddler on a hide-and-seek hunt

Warning: There may be just too much cuteness in this video for one to handle.

Remember how much fun (and difficult) hide-and-seek used to be as a toddler?

Thanks to this YouTube video from user Dan, you can relive some of your best childhood memories through this GoPro video of a tiny tot on the hunt for his parents during an intense game of hide-and-seek.

The boy can be seen searching room after room for his hidden parents, before eventually coming across (with a little bit of help from the family dog, Ollie) his parents, giggling in a closet.

The year-old video recently began making rounds again on the forum site Reddit, giving a new life to a video that couldn’t possibly get old.

Thanks to other YouTube videos on the same channel, we can see the tot has finally gotten revenge on the plight of his parents, destroying a tiny train track in this action-packed video.

So hopefully brings a smile to your face and helps you relive some of the better childhood memories.

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