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Scorpion season in Arizona is underway

PHOENIX — A scorpion sting can be so painful, it could result in a hospital stay. But the scariest part? It is most likely to happen in a bedroom.

“About a third of all scorpion stings occur in the bedroom, and a quarter or so occur in the living room,” Dr. Frank Lovecchio with Banner Health Medical Toxicology Clinic said.

It is very rare for a scorpion sting to be fatal, but the majority of stings are extremely painful, according to Lovecchio.

“We’ve seen grown men on their back in excruciating pain given multiple doses of morphine,” he recalled. “We’ve seen women say that it was as painful as giving birth to a child.”

Lovecchio said to watch for scorpions on the ground, but more importantly, on walls and ceilings.

“If you see it crawling on the ground, it might be a toxic scorpion, but if you see it crawling on your wall or ceiling, then it’s definitely toxic,” he explained.

But if someone is stung, Lovecchio said it is important to call a doctor or poison center immediately.

“The amount of venom that goes into a man is a small drop that you can barely see, but its causing all these toxic effects,” he said.