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Crews reach halfway point on light rail extension

PHOENIX — Good news, Phoenix residents: You’re halfway through the latest round of light rail construction.

Melissa Quillard with Valley Metro said it has taken crews working the 19th Avenue extension 18 months to meet this milestone.

“People are going to start to see track being laid, we’re going to start to build the actual stations, so it’s really going to start to look like a light rail system,” she said.

The extension will extend light rail service to Dunlap Avenue. It’s expected to increase ridership by 5,000 passengers daily.

“It’s really going to create this connectivity for all of the residents that live in this area as well as for people who already utilize the light rail line,” Quillard said.

Light rail construction is also on-going in the East Valley.

Valley Metro hopes to have 60 miles of light rail in the city by 2034.