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Report: Arizona will be as hot as Middle East by 2100

PHOENIX — If you think this summer in Arizona has been bad, wait until 2100.

According to a new report from Climate Central, average summer high temperatures in Phoenix will increase about 10 degrees in the next century.

If Climate Central’s prediction is accurate, Phoenix’s average summer high will be 114, similar to that currently measured in Kuwait City.

Phoenix won’t be the only city seeing higher temperatures. The organization predicted northern cities like Saint Paul, Minn., and Boston will see highs more often felt in southern states like Texas and Florida.

On average, summer heat is projected to warm 7-10°F, though some cities will have summers 12°F warmer than they are now.

The study did not include humidity or dewpoint in its temperature analysis and assumes greenhouse gas emissions increase as they have over the past few decades.

To explore more predicted temperature increases, check out the interactive map below.

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