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Florida girl cured of seizures at Barrow

PHOENIX — An 11-year-old girl from Florida has a second chance of having a normal life after years of battling a rare brain disorder.

Everyday was a struggle for Holly Hudson.

“It was tough; I struggled in school a lot,” Holly said.

Holly had an extremely rare tumor on her brain that caused seizures — nearly 50 every month.

Her mother, Gina Hudson, said the family was getting desperate to find help for her.

“I felt lost because I couldn’t offer her anything or any help,” Hudson explained.

After fighting the disorder for years, both mom and daughter began losing hope; however, hope sprang anew after the mother contacted specialists at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix.

The doctors at Barrow said they could help Holly with her seizures.

“We were able to talk to her and determine she was a good candidate for treatment and bring her in,” Dr. Peter Nakaji said.

Nakaji said they tried a new, advanced laser brain surgery technique on her, and now she is living seizure free.