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What a play: Puppies predict Super Bowl 50 winner on ‘Tonight Show’

There just isn’t anything better (or cuter) than a slew of puppies.

Thankfully, the big bosses at “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” realized that and decided to dedicate a whole segment to puppies.

(But since it’s Super Bowl weekend, they had to throw some football in there too. As if the puppies weren’t enough.)

Anyway, the puppies were given the most serious task of all: deciding the winner of the Super Bowl 50.

For those who may not have all the Super Bowl smarts, the big game will be played on Sunday, with the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos duking it out for the top spot in football.

The puppies –Brad Johnson, Kyle McAdams, Mary Kennedy, Ted Mooney, Donna Braylon, Peter Winston, Roger Blain, Lisa Armstrong and Gary Frick, Jr. — had to choose between two bowls of delicious food, one representing the Panthers and the other representing the Broncos.

In a surprising twist, the puppies dabbed on Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and chose the Broncos to win it all.

(Guess we’ll have to wait and see what really happens on Sunday.)

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