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Up in the Air: Travel rights you may not know you have

PHOENIX — If the skies aren’t so friendly the next time you fly, make sure you know your rights.

Attorney Stephanie Fierro with Scottsdale-based Frutkin Law Firm said that if the airline bumps you from your flight, you may be entitled to lots of cash.

“If they can get you to your final destination within one to two hours of your original arrival time, you are still entitled to 200 percent of your ticket value, up to $250,” said Fierro.

If the delay lasts more than 2 hours,
“they will have to give you up to 400 percent of your ticket value, up to $1,300.”

It’s also important to know how to complain.

“Be professional, be courteous, and be reasonable,” she said. “Follow the normal procedures, assuming that you’ll get somewhere.”

She also said you can get cash if they lose your bags. She advised travelers to keep track of all their original travel documents, as well as receipts for anything you’ve been inconvenienced for.

“If your luggage was lost, for example, and you need to buy things because you can’t wait for them to arrive, then you need to keep receipts to be able to prove your expenses,” Fierro explained.