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DPS: Don’t stop on freeways to view fireworks

PHOENIX — Fireworks are scheduled to fly high over Phoenix this weekend but drivers should not pull to the side of freeways to watch, the Arizona Department of Public Safety said.

“People risk injury and death by stopping just to look at fireworks,” said DPS Officer Carrick Cook.

It is illegal to stop or block traffic on the state’s highways.

“Even if you pull off on the side of the freeway on the emergency shoulder, you are violating the law unless it’s an emergency,” Cook said. “That’s why it’s called an emergency shoulder.”

Drivers who pull off to the side to watch fireworks can be charged both civilly and criminally.

Cook said DPS will have patrols looking for drivers watching fireworks. Enforcement will be particularly heavy along the Loop 202, near Tempe’s fireworks show.

KTAR’s Martha Maurer contributed to this report.