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Mesa PD dares other cops in online challenge for charity

PHOENIX — Oh, it’s on.

The Mesa Police Department has officially put the pressure on other departments to participate in an online dare known as the “ice water challenge.”

Participants are asked to jump into a pool of ice-cold water. After doing so, they dare five others to do the challenge or donate money to charity.

The challenge has made its way around the web and not even police departments are immune. Mesa Public Information Officer Sgt. Tony Landato was challenged by a colleague in Washington and he completed it. After doing so, he dared other Valley departments to take the plunge.

Landato seemed particularly focused on Phoenix Police Sgt. Steve Martos and specifically called him out on Twitter.

Landato’s chosen charity for the ice water challenge is the 100 Club of Arizona, which helps the families of fallen first responders.

Editor’s note: The video is difficult to hear because of wind.