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Study: Arizona cracks the top 10 most-patriotic states in the US

South Carolina ranks as the most red, white and blue state — but Arizona isn’t far behind, at least according to one study.

The study, performed by Movoto Real Estate, took a number of factors into consideration while researching which of the 50 states is most patriotic. Arizona checked in at No. 10 on the list, sandwiched between Alabama at No. 9 and Colorado ad No. 11.

Researchers looked at Google to see who searched for American flags the most, which states have the most veterans and most veteran funding per capita, and who voted the most in the last presidential election.

Rankings also looked at the number of national land marks per capita, as well as people who list America as an interest on Facebook.

South Carolina ranked No. 1, Texas No. 14 and California was ranked the least patriotic.