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BBB: AZ business receive more complaints during summer

PHOENIX — Summers can be tough in Arizona and businesses see the heat turn up as much as anyone.

The Better Business Bureau said Tuesday they see a spike in complaints against businesses during the summer months in Arizona.

Felicia Thompson, vice president of communication at the Better Business Bureau of central, northern and western Arizona, said in 2013 the BBB saw roughly 4,000 complaints against businesses.

She said the truck rental industry saw some of the highest numbers of complaints last summer.

“We’re finding that something as simple as making sure that the truck is reserved when you actually pull up to the company (is a cause of complaint),” she said. “If you’re moving, it’s hot already in Phoenix if you’re moving in the summertime (and) you’re packing up your stuff, you want to make sure that truck is ready when you want it to be ready.”

Door-to-door magazine sales were also among the highest industries to receive complaints.

“You have someone at your door saying (they’re) raising money for a trip or for a scholarship,” Thompson said. “A lot of times people never see the magazine and or can’t contact the company.”

Also near the top were new and used car sales and airlines.

Thompson said it’s not exactly clear why the BBB receives more complaints during July and August, but speculates it has to do with the heat.

“As an educated guess, it’s hotter and people maybe have a lower tolerance for issues with companies,” she said.

She said the BBB is a free resource for consumers and recommends people visit