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Chandler businesses take hits from prank calls

False reporting incidents have cost two separate Chandler, Ariz. businesses since Monday night.

Late Monday, a caller to the Hampton Inn at 1231 S. Spectrum Blvd. in Chandler suggested to a hotel employee that fire sprinklers were needed. After activating them, an undisclosed amount of damage was caused to three floors of the hotel.

Then, early Tuesday, another unidentified caller convinced an employee of the McDonald’s fast food restaurant to activate the fire suppression equipment above the fryers. After that persuasion, the caller prompted the employee to attempt to break glass pane doors to relieve the restaurant air of alleged toxicity, caused by the fire suppression unit.

The suspect in both cases ended the calls by announcing to the recipients that they had been pranked.

In a press release, the Chandler Police Department sought to remind the public that, before performing an outlandish act from a stranger, first verify that the action will not result in harm to any individuals, or destruction to property.

For more information, please contact Sergeant Joe Favazzo at (480) 782-4108.