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History Channel show features Valley as custom bike-building mecca

LISTEN: Biker Battleground Phoenix

PHOENIX — Egos, rivalries and beautiful motorcycles. The History Channel’s new show “Biker Battleground Phoenix” takes a look inside the custom bike-building capital of the world — Phoenix.

“The top builders have migrated here because you can ride 12 months out of the year,” said Len Edmondson, one of the show’s stars. “So if you’re going to be in this industry you got to be here.”

“Biker Battleground Phoenix” profiles five Valley custom motorcycle builders and their shops.

“You’re going to see the industry in general; you’re going to see the lifestyles in general; how their shops operate,” Edmondson said, “what it takes to compete and what it takes to survive.”

Edmondson is one of nation’s top bike builders, and he said the show takes an in-depth look at how difficult it is to build custom motorcycles.

“Custom is a performance enhancement. You can’t take a domestic product and change it into something exotic … and not add the exotic factor in both the aesthetics and the performance,” he said.

“Biker Battleground Phoenix” airs July 1, at 7 p.m. Arizona time.