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Arizona transportation department debuts 2-lane ‘TowPlow’ to clear snow, ice

PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Transportation has debuted a wider snowplow in order to clear streets quickly and more efficiently, according to a recent press release.

The TowPlow will allow drivers to clear the width of two lanes at a time as opposed to one. It will be used on 20 miles of the Interstate 40 in northern Arizona, between Williams and Bellemont.

The TowPlow is a regular snowplow equipped with a 26-foot blade. Dallas Hammit with the department said the modified snowplow clears a 24-foot-wide path, allowing drivers to get more work done while using less fuel.

“This new plow is a time-saving and safe addition to the department’s fleet of snowplow trucks and provides a higher level of service to all drivers and travelers,” he said in the release.

Department officials said it will decided whether to purchase more TowPlows if the first performs well.

The Arizona Department of Transportation advises drivers to slow down, stay behind the vehicle and follow instructions of the flag car if they encounter the TowPlow.

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