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Mac & Gaydos’ rejected Super Bowl commercial leaks

In a KTAR News exclusive, we have gotten our hands on one of this year’s rejected Super Bowl ads.

Weirdly enough, it stars our own Mac Watson and Larry Gaydos.

We don’t want to reveal the entire ad (where’s the fun in that?) but we will tell you it isn’t one of those ones that was too risque for air.

We work in radio, but, hey, we have good taste.

But with that being said, we can’t figure out why this ad wasn’t good enough to air during the big game! It’s got it all: humor, an effective message, graphs…

Sure, it may not be some big budget production directed by Michael Bay and covered with rainbows, but it’s not bad. Plus, it has glitter!

Whatever the reason, we’re bummed it won’t air during Sunday’s big game. At least it can live on forever in this post.

Be sure to let the guys know what you thought of their ad on Facebook and Twitter!

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