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Fore! Phoenix homes impacted by golf balls can face tile replacement challenges

(AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

PHOENIX — Some of the best golfers in the world are playing in this week’s Phoenix Open, while others who aren’t as skilled play on golf courses around the Valley.

Homeowners near those golf courses know all too well, with their roof tiles usually taking the brunt of those errant shots, but there is another problem for some when it comes to getting those tiles replaced.

Many tile manufacturers went out of business during the recession. In doing so, those manufacturers took their specific tile molds and colors with them.

“Now the homeowners are having to compel themselves to either buy an entirely new tile roof or have a section of the roof that doesn’t match,” said Ann Pepper, director of business development for Lyons Roofing.

Pepper said it can be tough for roofing companies to find tiles that match those that are no longer made.

“It really is limited to the amount that roofers or distributors have in their boneyard,” Pepper said.

Sometimes that requires hiding non-matching tiles from view, but even that can be tough for golf course homeowners.

“The problem with golf course homes is that (they are) seen from every view (and) every angle,” Pepper said.

Pepper said some neighborhoods have Homeowners Association rules requiring all tiles on a roof match, forcing some homeowners to buy a brand new roof.

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