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Get Outdoors product review: Hybrid Light

Carrying a flashlight and multiple chargers when you’re humping gear in and out of a campsite can be such a pain.

Remembering to bring all those with you while you’re out doing something active — hiking, camping, being awesome — is an even bigger pain. And if your GoPro dies before you kid reels in the catch of the day, you know you’ll hear about it later.

This is where the Hybrid Light comes in handy. It’s a solar-powered flashlight that every outdoorsman should consider adding to their gear, primarily because it eliminates the needs to carry so much.

The flashlight is not only small and lightweight, but it works for hours. It can give you up to 10 hours of light per charge.

The Hybrid Light also floats and has both USB and microUSB plugs in the back under a watertight cap, meaning you can charge your phone or GoPro and get that catch of the day on film.

Prices for the flashlights start at $24.95.

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