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Phoenix news helicopter pilot hosts online Q&A while airborne

The last day on the job is a big deal for anyone.

After all, it gives you the opportunity to give that one final speech, that one last memento or that big sign-off. And what better way to leave a job than to host an online question-and-answer session from thousands of feet above the Phoenix area?

That’s what Bruce Haffner, a helicopter pilot and reporter at KTVK-TV did Friday. He posted an “AMA” (ask me anything) on the popular website Reddit.

The thread quickly rose to the top of the page and, at one point, included thousands of participants. They asked various questions, from “Any cool stories? Insane? Funny?” to “How often do you use the expression ‘Get to the chopper?'”

Some, however, focused on the tragedy of 2007 when two news helicopters collided during a police chase. Haffner didn’t touch much on it, other than to say safety procedures were updated.

A few more even shared kind memories with Haffner of him speaking at their school.

Haffner left KTVK Friday after his contract expired.