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Exterminator: Mild winter leads to jump in ant, roach calls

PHOENIX — Valley exterminators are urging homeowners to be proactive before they have a problem with infestations.

“I’m starting to see a spike in roaches and ants,” said Shannon Hall with Maximum Exterminating. “A 10 percent increase in calls probably because of the heat and the mild winter. They’re looking for a food source and water”

Hall predicted residents who live in outlying communities could be seeing increased packrat activity, especially those with backyard pools.

Exterminators encourage homeowners to eliminate any possible food or water sources around the home, including pet food.

They are also encouraged to hire a professional exterminator to treat their property monthly. If they cannot afford a professional, make sure you spray using industrial-strength poison. However, make sure you read the label and find products that are safe for humans and animals, especially if you have children and pets.