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Phoenix mulling changes to trash, recycle service

PHOENIX — A city council vote scheduled for Wednesday could change the way people in Phoenix get rid of their trash.

Council members will be asked to expand bulk trash options for residents. Those who choose a 60-gallon container will pay $3 less per month compared to those who stick with the 90-gallon container.

Following a successful pilot program, leaders are being asked to offer voluntary green organics curbside collection citywide. Residents can choose to pay an extra $5 per month per container to recycle grass, shrubs and tree clippings.

The city has a 40 percent diversion goal by 2020, meaning it want to see 40 percent of items that would have been sent to landfills instead be reused or recycled.

According to a 2011 city report, Phoenix dumped about 900,000 tons of waste in the State Route 85 landfill. Of those, 600,000 tons were generated from homes.

If council members approve the recycling and trash changes, they will take effect this July.