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‘Conjugal visits’ one of Arizona’s top search terms

A real estate website looked at the the top search terms by state, and the results are almost too outrageous to be true.

Estately ran search queries through Google Trends to find out which words, terms and questions each state was searching for the most. The top searches are replete with musical artists and catch phrases to simply some of the oddest things you can imagine.

The results ranged from mildly amusing to completely disturbing.

In the case of Arizona, the top terms were: Conjugal visits, hippies, scorpion sting and “How are babies made?”

So when Estately picked one term for each state in order to construct a map of the country, Arizona’s choice was “conjugal visits.”

Well isn’t that something we’d want to be known by?

Fortunately, many other states wear their vices on their sleeves, as seen in the graphic included.

Click here to see the expanded list of top search terms by state.