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Peoria police search for man who returned stolen goods for cash

PHOENIX — As if stealing items from a store isn’t bad enough, the Peoria Police Department is looking for a suspect who used stolen identification to return items for money.

On April 16, a suspect entered a retail store near 79th and Peoria avenues. He successfully returned stolen items for cash using a driver’s license.

Amanda Jacinto of the Peoria Police Department said the victim whose ID was stolen was surprised to see the suspect caught on camera.

“The victim lost his wallet actually several years ago, and that victim remembers our suspect as being one of the people to help him look for his wallet when he lost it,” Jacinto said.

The suspect is a male between 50 and 60 years old. He is about 5-foot-6 and roughly 180 pounds. He wears glasses and has gray hair.

Detectives are asking anyone with a lead to call Peoria police (623-773-7096) or Silent Witness (480-WITNESS).