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GCU student-veterans pay visit to senior veterans

LISTEN: GCU student-veterans pay visit to senior veterans

PHOENIX — Some of Arizona’s most senior veterans received a special visit Tuesday from some of their fellow service men and women who are students at Grand Canyon University.

About 50 students from the school, comprised mostly of former or active military members, came to the Arizona State Veterans Home to play cards, hear stories, sing hymns and spend time with the senior home residents.

Bart Burkert, executive vice president at GCU and a former solider in the Army Reserve, said it’s a great sign of respect to those senior’s sacrifices and dedications.

“What the veterans have done for us, and I say that for everyone, is extremely important, so we just want to make their lives for a few hours a little bit better,” he said.

Burkert said the students have been coming to the Arizona State Veterans Home to meet with the seniors for several years.

“I think they’re excited to see us and more importantly, we’re excited to see them every year,” he said.

Amid recent allegations of neglect and failed care at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Hospital, Burkert said the visits can also help the residents relax and take their mind of their health issues.

“If we can take a few hours out of their day to forget about the day to day struggles…we win,” said Burkert.