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Report: Pregnant section of Mesa yearbook draws ire

A yearbook is a large part of the high school experience.

Most people save theirs to look back on as they go through life. It’s a snapshot of one year of their life, likely when they made lifelong friends and grew into the adults they are today.

But according to USA Today, a yearbook decision at Mesa High School is drawing a lot of ire.

Pages 40 and 41 of the school’s 255-page yearbook, Superstition Vol. 105, feature photographs and a description of how difficult it is to raise children and attend high school at the same time. The pages are titled “I’m working a double shift.”

The feature prompted plenty of angry parents to call the school. Many felt the section painted teenage pregnancy in the same light as sports and school clubs.

Helen Hollands, a Mesa Public School spokesperson, said the district is “100 percent” behind expectant students and supports their academic career. She said she does not believe the controversy will result in changes to district yearbook policy.