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Certain fireworks now banned in Arizona

PHOENIX — Before you stock up for the Fourth of July, be warned: It is now illegal to use certain fireworks in Arizona.

A new state law goes into effect Tuesday that clearly defines which ones are legal and which ones aren’t.

Sparklers, party poppers and snappers are still legal. Ground spinners, wheels and illuminating torches are only permissible part of the year, while airborne fireworks, like firecrackers, bottle rockets and roman candles, are permanently banned.

Phoenix Fire Inspector Brian Scholl said they’re trying to curb injuries and fires.

“Our advice to all our citizens is not to use them at all,” Scholl said. “There are plenty of good fireworks shows around the city.”

In Phoenix, it’s now a Class 1 misdemeanor with fines up to $1,000 to buy, sell or use banned fireworks.

Scholl said the new law also does a good job clearing up any confusion about where fireworks can and can’t be used.

“The individual cities cannot regulate the use anymore,” he explained. “The other big difference (in the law) is you can no longer do year-round sales at the bigger stores. They’re only allowed to sell during a certain time of year.”

Get the full list of permissible and illegal fireworks by clicking here.