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Tempe PD launching seat belt enforcement campaign

PHOENIX — Monday, the Tempe Police Department will start enforcing its new seat belt campaign.

The Click It or Ticket Child Seat, Seat Belt campaign, which will run until June 1, is intended to ramp up both seat belt engagement and enforcement with the hopes of saving lives throughout the state of Arizona.

Chief of Police Tom Ryff continues to make traffic safety and DUI enforcement a top priority for our community. In addition to the Child Seat and Seat Belt Enforcement, as always, Tempe Police will be diligently patrolling for impaired drivers as well, providing enforcement with the intent and hope to prevention fatalities and serious injuries caused by DUI.

Currently, Arizona is one of 16 states with a secondary seat belt law — which requires all passengers under the age of 8 to be belted regardless of seat location and all passengers over the age of 8 to be belted in the front.

Under secondary laws, the driver cannot be ticketed unless another citable traffic violation takes place.

The maximum fine in Arizona for a first violation of the secondary belt law is $10.