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Valley high school pulls off great senior prank

PHOENIX — It’s that time of year again, when high school seniors put the books away and begin hatching plans for senior pranks.

Though not as prevalent as they once were, a senior prank can go down in school legend if done right. Just ask the students at Valley Christian High School in Chandler, Ariz.

According to Fox 10, an unknown staff member helped several seniors find a new parking spot for their cars over the weekend: The school’s main hallway.

“It was a combination between my friend Mike Izquierda and mine. We started off saying, let’s get all the car in the courtyard, and I said let’s do that and then I thought my car is small and Mike’s car is small, why don’t we get them in the school.” said Cole Bradley.

Despite the cars causing a bit of a disturbance on the day, they were easily removed and everyone had a good laugh.

Well done, class of 2014.

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