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Valley nutritionist offers tips to beat high grocery prices

The U.S. Department of Labor says drought and an unusually cold winter helped lead to an 8.4 percent jump in meat prices in April. One valley expert says eating healthier may be a way to keep more money in your wallet.

Scottsdale Healthcare Nutritionist Terri Taylor said finding other sources of protein can save your money and your health.

“One of the best examples would be some of your dried beans or dried peas,” said Taylor. “They are very high in soluble fiber, which is very helpful for lowering cholesterol levels and cancer risk. They have a lot of high quality protein in them, and they’re very economical.”

She suggested something cheap for breakfast.

“One of the things that is often on sale is Greek Yogurt,” said Taylor. “Put that with fruit, and you’ve got a cheaper, healthy start to your day.

Taylor said you can save on vegetables by heading to the frozen food aisle.

“You can buy frozen vegetables and fruit,” Taylor said. “They would retain their nutrients. When they pick those items, and freeze them, they save the nutrients that are in them, so they’re a good source.”

Taylor said that having a “vegetarian night” once or twice a week would save money. You’d be spending less on beef while having a healthier meal. She said that could save you money if you have fewer medical bills somewhere down the road.