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Artist creates impressive time lapse of Arizona skies

PHOENIX — Arizona isn’t lacking in scenery, but one thing we don’t see a lot of in the Valley is stars.

A lot of celestial bodies are washed away by Phoenix’s lights, which is why getting out of the city can be such a treat.

Just ask artist Gavin Heffernan, who was recently invited to Northern Arizona University to speak about time-lapse photography.

But as we all know, all work and no play makes Gavin a dull boy. He pulled out his camera and caught some pretty amazing views.

“The weather was very intense at times, with high winds, frigid temperatures, and stormfronts passing over us,” Gavin wrote on Vimeo, “but the locations were absolutely stunning and the clouds parted for long enough to reveal some incredible starscapes, meteors, and the clearest Milky Way I’ve ever seen!”

Check out the full time lapse below.

YIKÁÍSDÁHÁ from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo.