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Cats, dogs spread joy at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

PHOENIX — Patients and employees at Phoenix Children’s Hospital were given a fun, furry break Monday when some puppies and kittens stopped by to play.

“It’s a great experience for staff as a de-stresser, which is the same thing for families,” said Mary Lou Jennings with the hospital. “Our families have a lot of stress and this is just a fun time for them to come out and interact with a puppy or a kitty.”

The animals were brought to the hospital by the “Inspiration Waggin,” a six-city tour hosted by Valley-based PetSmart.

“I think my favorite moment in L.A. (was when) we were at the UCLA campuses and one of the girls who was there actually started tearing up,” Melissa Galoway with Petsmart. “We said, ‘Are you OK?’ and she said ‘I’m away from home and I’m at school and I miss my family and I miss my dog and this just makes me happy and relieved.'”

In addition to Los Angeles and Phoenix, the tour will also stop in Dallas, Chicago, Toronto and New York.

KTAR’s Jeremy Foster contributed to this report.