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Looking to repay your mom on Mother’s Day? Try $62,000

PHOENIX — Moms may not be as “priceless” as we think.

When compared to 2013, the “value” of moms is $3,000 higher this year, according to independent consumer insurance website

From chauffeur to chef to accountant to teacher, a typical mother deserves a salary of $62,985 for all that she does, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cooking: The median weekly wage for male cooks is $411, compared to $382 for women.

Helping with homework: The median weekly wage for men working as teachers and other instructors is $1,055. For women, it’s $729.

Cleaning up: Men working as housecleaners make a median weekly wage of $467 per year, compared with the $401 women earn.

The family finances: A male accountant or auditor earns a median weekly wage of $1,268, compared with $1,029 for women.

After all they do, our poor moms still can’t catch a break. If you were to pay Dad for doing the exact same things, he’d get $67,743 — about 8 percent more.