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You can find the perfect gift for mom, even if she’s weird

If mom is a little “quirky,” you might be having trouble finding just the right Mother’s Day gift.

As a matter of fact, one man thinks your mom is weird.

“Everybody has a weird mom,” said Huffington Post weird news writer David Moye.

So he has come out with his list of weird Mother’s Day gifts that you can give to your weird mom.

For example, if she likes the movie “Jaws,” get her a shark sleeping bag.

“If you’re using it, it looks like you are in the mouth of a hungry shark,” said Moye.

Your kid’s baseball field might not have a snack bar. So why not give her a “Sippin’ Seat?”

“She can drink some kind of alcoholic beverage straight from the seat cushion that she’s sitting on,” Moye said. “Wouldn’t you know it! Those little games suddenly get more entertaining.”

And then there’s a jewel encrusted Pig ring.

“It’s a ring that looks like a little pig,” said Moye. “It’s $400 and it’s actually pretty cute. The only thing is that it’s probably not Kosher.”

Mom can teach the kids some science while wearing her anatomically correct heart pendant.

“It’s got the ventricles, the atrials, and all of the things to have a heart pumping thing,” Moye said. “It sends the message “I love you” in an anatomically correct way.”

There’s also a Skunk scarf, a “Winder Woman” fleece throw, and an angel halo that you can put on the head of a blind dog.

You can see Moye’s complete list of weird Mother’s day gift ideas here.