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CoachUp offers personal training for young athletes

LISTEN: 'Coach-Up' service offers personal training for young athletes

PHOENIX — College and professional sports are multibillion dollar industries, so how can young Arizona athletes compete?

“Private coaching is really the best way to improve, whether it’s one-on-one or it’s small group training sessions of two to four athletes,” said Jordan Fliegel, founder of CoachUp. “We wanted to make that accessible and affordable to all athletes, not just the best athletes in the world.”

CoachUp connects private coaches with athletes.

The industry is so competitive, even at the elementary and junior high school levels, kids have a hard time even getting involved without help.

“If you name all the professional athletes today — from Tom Brady to Dirk Nowitzki (to) Mike Tyson…I mean you name the sport — Pete Sampras — they’ve all had private coaching,” he said.

With tons of coaches in Arizona, Fliegel said his website will help parents and athletes find a background-approved coach near them.

The average price is around $50 per one hour session or small two to four group sessions for less. CoachUp also allows negotiating directly with a coach for a lower rate.

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