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Company hunting for ‘sneezeperson’ for allergy product

PHOENIX — The makers of a product designed to help alleviate allergy symptoms wants to make someone a star.

Simar Singh, CEO of Rootology, said his company is looking for a company “sneezeperson,” (their name for a spokesperson) to advertise the product.

Singh said interested people don’t need to go through a crazy casting process. Instead, simply take a selfie the next time you feel a sneeze coming on.

“Grab your cellphone and take a picture,” he said. “Even if there’s just a pile of tissues next to you. It’s gross, yes, but that’s what we’re looking for.

“If they post a picture or tweet a picture of themselves in their full misery, with the hashtags “Rootology” and “breathe free” we’ll make sure that we get them out samples. We’ll pick a company sneezeperson that will (get) a year’s supply of Rootology.”

Singh said that Rootology is an all-natural allergy product.

“It’s a little bit different than almost any other natural product, and a lot of other products,” said Singh. “It immediately supports nasal and sinus health within about 20 minutes of taking.”

According to Singh, Rootology is available over the counter in some states, but not Arizona. To find out more, click here.