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Valley company gets unique requests when helping pro sports stars move

PHOENIX — It’s been a struggle so far this year for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Often times, teams in the D-Backs’ situation make a trade and bring in new players to try and turn the season around. When that happens, a Valley company helps the sports stars and their families to move and get settled with their new city and team.

And, sometimes, it gets some unusual requests.

Scottsdale’s Ted Petersen is a real estate agent with Russ Lyon Southeby’s. He is also a vice president with a company called SportStar Relocation.

On KTAR’S Arizona’s Morning News Weekend Show on Saturday, he told co-hosts Becky Lynn and Bob McClay that his job is to help players get relocated fast.

“Ultimately, we want them (and their families) to get settled,” Petersen said. “We want their children and wives to be happy. Everyone knows that a happy wife is a happy life.”

Petersen added that, many times, players want swimming pools and other special things in their new place.

“Movie theaters are a big thing with a lot of the professional athletes,” said Petersen.

When Becky Lynn asked him, “They want a movie theater in their house?”

Petersen replied, “A lot of them do.”

Comfortable furniture is also important.

“One of the main things that they’re concerned about is having a very comfortable chair to sit in after a practice or game,” Petersen said.

Another request he’s dealt with is a six-car garage.

Pets are important to the players.

One time, a player that Petersen helped move from Green Bay to California was told by an airline that the cargo hold would be too cold for his dog to make the flight in. A ground transportation company provided the answer.

“They picked up his dog and literally put a seat belt on him in the back seat of a deluxe minivan, and transported the dog from Green Bay to California in about 48 hours,” Petersen said.

Petersen expects to be busy this week. That’s because the NFL draft is happening, and he expects a lot of business from the draftees moving to their new city. He did not say how much he charges for his services. Other than former D-backs left fielder Jason Kubel, he did not name who his clients were, either.

He said that the goal is to help the player get settled soon, so he can start learning the plays and performing for his new team.