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Valley retailers to give out free comic books on Saturday

PHOENIX — Saturday may be the day for you to grab a new comic book.

That’s because comic stores everywhere will be giving them away for free during national Free Comic Book Day.

It’s the day that comic retailers try to attract new fans to heroes like Superman, or to newer comic books like “The Walking Dead.”

Yvette Arteaga, a manger for Samurai Comics in Phoenix, called it the “Fun Black Friday” for comic retailers.

“They’ll make a huge event where they’ll bring in creators, artists, face painters,” she said. “It just becomes a huge party.”

Samurai has three stores in the valley. Arteaga said her store on Camelback Road will have lots of giveaways. The location in Mesa is also planning some special things.

“They’re actually doing this thing called ACME-con, so they’re actually doing a convention on the same day as Free Comic Book Day,” she said.

Arteaga said she already expected a busy weekend in her store because of this weekend’s release of the new movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

She said that children and other people who may not usually be exposed to comic books want to give them a try after seeing a superhero movie.

“They want to know about Hulk. They want to know about Batman. They want to know about Spiderman,” Arteaga said.

Other Valley stores are planning special events for Free Comic Book Day. One of them is Jesse James Comics and Collectibles in Glendale, which is planning giveaways for 72 hours instead of just one day.