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New design coming for Arizona driver’s license

PHOENIX — The Arizona driver’s license is getting a makeover along with a tweak to the issuing process, it was announced Thursday.

The motor vehicle division of the Arizona Department of Transportation said the revisions were a security measure and take effect in June.

“The redesigned credential contains enhanced security features to safeguard personal information and help prevent identity theft,” said Stacey Stanton, director of the state’s Motor Vehicle Division.

Drivers seeking new licenses or identification cards will be given a temporary and the permanent version will be mailed. It should arrive in about two weeks. Current licenses won’t have to be replaced until they expire unless the holder has changed addresses or names.

Previously, driver’s licenses were issued on-site the day the application was filed.

Cosmetic changes to the card include a lighter background, a secondary portrait of the driver, and the addition of the state mammal, the ringtail in the illustration.