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Arizona political expert gives latest GOP debate win to Donald Trump

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — A veteran political observer in Arizona said Donald Trump won the first GOP debate of the year and it wasn’t even close.

“The Republican civil war continued (Thursday) night,” Chris Herstam said. “(Ted) Cruz and Trump brawled. Rubio fought with (Chris) Christie and Cruz. Trump successfully made all of his blue-collar populist points and successfully fended off all of the attacks.”

Herstam said Trump stayed above the fray during the nasty, boorish debate.

“The candidates were so rude to President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Donald Trump sounded more respectful and presidential if that’s possible. It’s amazing to watch the chaotic Republican presidential primary.

“They’re basically in a circular firing squad and (last night) they were shooting all of their ammunition.”

Herstam said Ohio Gov. John Kasich had his strongest debate yet but doesn’t have a chance of winning the nomination.

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