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How to deal with office Debbie Downers and the post-Powerball blues

Balbir Atwal, the owner of a 7-Eleven store that sold a winning Powerball lottery ticket, holds up a "Millionaire Made Here" sign at his store in Chino Hills, Calif., Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016. Atwal, says he was at home when a friend called to tell him that someone in Chino Hills had hit the jackpot. Atwal says he didn't know the ticket was purchased at his store until he turned on the TV. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

He is BACK.

Every office has one of these slap happy, rub-it-in-your-face type of people and he shines on days like these.

During the leading up to Wednesday’s $1.5 billion Powerball drawing, offices across the country were packed with daydreaming employees who had joined in to the office pool.

When everyone arrived at the office this morning with bank accounts still at normal levels, he sprang into action.

You couldn’t even log in to your computer before hearing his classics like:

“Well, you came in today, looks like you didn’t win!” or, “How about next time you pool your money together you can just give it to charity?” or, “I wonder where I’m going for lunch today with all the money I saved by not throwing it away on the lottery.”

Just call security and have this clown walked out of the building. We don’t need this kind of negativity around the office.

Better yet, have everyone that was in the pool kick in another few bucks and cater lunch for the office — and don’t invite him.

Let’s admit it. We all went into the office pool with a “You can’t win if you don’t play” attitude and knew deep down that it was a longshot for the win.

We all had some fun sharing stories of what we would do with the money. It was great for office moral and team building.

Just sad that buzzkills like this have to pop out of their cat-picture wallpapered cubicles and ruin all of the fun.

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