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Why aren’t Republicans and Democrats butting heads following State of the Union?

Wait a second, do you hear that?

That deafening silence?

Today follows a day that included a Democrat’s State of the Union, a Republican’s response and the release of 10 U.S. service men and women who were being detained by Iranian officials.

This should be the most partisan, teeth gnashing, and finger pointing day this nation has seen in years.

But here we are, silent.

I would go as far as to say dumbfounded.

You see, Republicans were locked and loaded to jump all over the contents of the President’s address while the Democrats were waiting with glee for South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to stumble during her response, but neither found satisfaction.

In a much different story than the two previous incidents of Iranian captive shenanigans, the 10 servicemen and women captured in Iran were released in less than a day.

Ladies and gents: This is what America should sound and feel like.

Both sides of the political aisle are acting like adults, speaking like adults and representing all the Democrats and Republicans who live in the middle, where sanity reigns.

So soak it up.

Enjoy the very short moment of calm, clarity and understanding.

Even though the nation will never agree on every single political issue, I think today we can all agree it is a welcome change of pace when both sides can look across the aisle and say, “Well said.”

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