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Arizona political observer: President Obama’s State of Union ‘highly political’

PHOENIX — Stan Barnes with Copper State Consulting said President Obama came across as a preacher telling America about itself and its aspirations.

Barnes said it turned “almost ‘Jerry Maguire’ ” with the president talking about the nature of politics, cynicism, how people are elected and how they raise money.

“It didn’t seem like a State of the Union speech, it seemed highly political, more aimed at the 2016 presidential election. It seemed like a personal testament of Barack Obama toward what he thinks of American politics.”

“I don’t know if he talked enough about the economy and the state of the average American worker. He left me wanting about the central theme, which is how we’re doing economically.”

Barnes felt the president was strong on the topic of terror.

“It’s something he needed to do because he’s seen as weak on the topic. It’s evident he’s concerned about his legacy on terrorism.”

Barnes said he was surprised by how lofty and abstract the State of the Union speech was and how little substance it had when it comes to rubber-meets-the-road issues facing Americans.

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