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Report: Arizona ready to weather zombie apocalypse

PHOENIX — Don’t worry, “Walking Dead” fans. When the dead reanimate and begin taking over the world, Arizona is pretty likely to survive, a report said.

Estately, a home-buying website, put together the study that said Arizona is the seventh-most likely state to weather the tide of the undead.

Arizona received a high rating because of the prevalence of firearms, veterans and athletic residents. Apparently that means we’re ready.

Home to both the Department of Zombie Defense and the Arizona Zombie Defense Force. The state of Arizona trains for the zombie apocalypse with zombie walks, a Zombie Night at an Arizona Diamondbacks game, and much more.

But our survival won’t be easy. California, our neighbors to the west, will be overrun. I guess that means beach visits are out after the apocalypse. Darn.

Oh, and Georgia? Where “The Walking Dead” is filmed? Let’s just say Rick, Maggie and the gang won’t be too happy as their state will become a zombie-laden hellscape, along with the entire southeastern United States and Eastern Seaboard.