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Group calls on legislature to reject proposed gun laws

PHOENIX — They’re calling it the day of action.

Democrats and gun violence prevention advocates rallied at the Arizona State Capitol Wednesday, urging lawmakers to reject several gun bills that are now making their way through the legislature.

The group chanted “No” as Arizonans for Gun Safety President Hildy Saizow said the bill numbers one-by-one. She said that House Bills 2339 and 2517 as well as Senate Bill 1063 should all be rejected by lawmakers.

“Taken together, these bills are extreme,” Saizow said. “They allow concealed guns in public buildings and events. They force local officials to accept guns in our libraries, community centers, senior centers and public pools.”

Senate Minority Leader Anna Tovar, a Democrat, said that HB 2517 could punish local officials.

“The state of Arizona can regulate guns on state-owned property,” Tovar said. “But any local official that regulates gun use or possession on city property could be fined or removed from office.”

Tovar claims that Republicans are trying to push these bills through the legislature quickly, and said she feels that Arizona needs a more “common sense” approach to gun legislation.