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Fire danger level raised in Northern Arizona

PHOENIX — Arizona’s fire season is coming early this year thanks to the dry and warm winter.

Areas around Sedona were already considered to have a high fire danger last week. Parts of Grand Canyon National Park, as well as the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests were raised to a high fire danger rating Tuesday.

Flagstaff had only 35 inches of snow this winter. They should have more than 100 inches by now.

“We’re about six to seven weeks ahead of our historical date for moving into high fire danger,” said Holly Krake with the Forest Service.

Krake said there are no closures or fire restrictions yet for visitors but all forest and park visitors are asked to use caution with campfires and other ignition sources such as cigarettes and they’re asking property owners to get to work.

“This would include removing brush around homes and outbuildings to create a defensible space,” she said. “Property owners can learn more about protecting their homes and neighborhoods from wildfires at”